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Help us to understand your business operations by providing a detailed description of what types of work you do. (Please include information about products sold, services, customers, etc.)

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How many years of industry experience does the owner of the business have?  
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How many full-time employees do you have (not including partners/officers)?  
How many part-time employees do you have?  
How many seasonal employees do you have?  
Do you lease employees to or from another firm? YES   NO  
Please list your annual payroll for the following:    
      Owners, partners and/or corporate officers  
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      Part-time employees (not including partners/officers)  
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What percentage of your work is performed by subcontractors?   %  
Please describe the type of work your subcontractors perform. (please be specific)

Do you require certificates of insurance for all subcontractors? YES   NO  
Do your subcontractors carry General Liability, Automobile Liability, Workers Compensation and Umbrella Liability equal to your policy limits? YES   NO  
Do you supervise all of the subcontractors you use? YES   NO  
      If No, please explain.

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